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Making A Difference

We provide semi-independent assisted accommodation  focused high quality support  for young people including separated children,  Asylum Seeking young persons and young people with complex needs , disabilities and diverse backgrounds. Working across a number of Local Authorities, our professional, experienced and committed staff guide and inspire young people to sustainable and authentic independence.

Meeting identified needs and delivering outcomes .Providing a sanctuary in which young people can thrive, developing into the best of their selves.


Nurturing young adults to be their best

We at Famida Sancturies have multiple accomodations in various locations where Staff provide continual support inspiring engagement and responding to service users’ needs as they work through their co-authored support plan. Our staff guide young people as they develop the life skills required to sustain genuine independence and fulfill their potential. Our Independence Skills Programme is designed with and for young people exiting a care environment and it is because of the input we have had from former service users, we can be confident it meets young people’s needs.

Our staff have a great deal of experience through fostering and as qualified Teachers in their previous roles , with young people.

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