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Gardening Together


At Famida Sanctuaries we have a strong focus on supporting young people into education and training and build strong links with local colleges and training organisations to enable good progress towards independence.  
The feedback we are able to gather through a range of formal and informal mechanisms (including one-to-one key work sessions, service evaluation/placement feedback and house meetings) enables to develop services that meet young people’s needs. We have learned that intertwining the needs of young people and service commissioners delivers the most successful results for all parties.
Consulting with young people, parents, carers and professionals
The young people in our care will live in a culture that encourages active participation in the decision-making process that impact on their lives. We consult with our residents on a regular basis through resident meetings and two anonymous feedback boxes located on the ground and first floors and their feedback is used to empower and improve our service. We also work in close partnership with parents and carers to utilise their unique and valuable insight into the needs of their child. We value your opinion and will keep you informed about your child’s progress at all times.

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